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Who is Gayle Winde?


Gayle Winde guitar straps are works of art, rich in color, texture, originality, and known for distinctive beauty. These innovative designs are created in a private Nashville studio, and sold online, worldwide. Each strap is meticulously hand-cut and crafted with an exclusive inlay technique, producing stunning multi-dimensional imagery. Thirty plus years of diverse creative endeavors from Seattle to Nashville would encompass Gayle Winde's art and design career. With an imaginative, artistic flair, and a personalized design approach, her work continues to gain recognition. From a business owner and designer at her wearable art gallery in Seattle's famous Pike Place Market, onward to designing within the music industry in Nashville, TN, her incredible leather artistry continues to flourish. Gayle's work has been featured everywhere from Seattle's tourist publications, online art sites, the Pacific Northwest's "Sunset Magazine", and well-known guitar shows. Her beautiful guitar straps are worn by musicians around the world, including Nashville's own music stars as seen on the 2018 Grammy's, worn by "Phillip Sweet from the famous band "Little Big Town", and at the White House for President Obama at his "Soul Night Gala", where the great Steve Cropper wore his customized guitar strap. With extensive design experience and unique ideas, Gayle Winde has created an outstanding collection of artisan guitar. A love for genuine artisan craft, custom design, and music became the natural fusion of elements that led to establishing Gayle Winde Custom Guitar & Bass Straps. 


                                                                     Our Strap Design


Our straps carry a great reputation within today's musician's marketplace. The purpose of this excellent guitar strap design was to provide outstanding comfort, functionality, and style options for guitarists. Gayle's careful observation of standard straps "worn by performing musicians" was the beginning of her research and development. Three standard strap design flaws became evident, "inadequate fit", "poor balance with the instrument", and "lack of beautiful styles".  This became the driving force behind further inquiry. Gayle continued to study and reach out to musicians directly, learning from the guitarists was desired and needed from a strap, working with them to create a functional and comfortable strap. Through the process of research and musician feedback, the "Perfect Guitar Strap Wish List" emerged. By utilizing this valuable information and incorporating her years of design experience, important key elements were integrated into Gayle's exclusive design. Specific changes were made to the standard concept of a guitar strap, to improve the performance by providing excellent ergonomic comfort, along with proper balance and weight distribution for the instrument itself. Prototypes were developed and refined until a final draft was accomplished. From here, beautiful leather, and various strap styles developed and the rest is history. Today, our straps continue to evolve in ongoing beauty and originality, providing the ultimate comfort they are known for, alongside the distinct artisan quality. Gayle Winde guitar straps can be summed up as outstanding in quality, absolutely beautiful, extremely comfortable, and luxurious"                                                             


                                                                               Looking Ahead


Years of dedication and artistic vision have established Gayle Winde's credibility as a true artisan with an incredible collection of work. We hope you'll experience the caliber of our amazing guitar straps, putting to test this outstanding design. Every great guitar needs an amazing strap and we are confident you'll find ours to be of the finest in design, construction, and beauty. The unwavering commitment toward excellence and artisan skill that's applied to each and every handmade strap is certainly a welcome change to our world of mass-produced merchandise! At Gayle Winde, fine craftsmanship revisits the importance of creating with integrity, quality, and pride ... this is certainly our mantra! 


 Where Distinction, Beauty, and Comfort, Merge 



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