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Our Customers

It's been a pleasure to meet and design with so many wonderful people over the years! Below are just a few of the many testimonials from our customers about their beautiful customized straps. Thanks to all of you for giving us the opportunity to work with you in capturing your ideas and personalities! Allowing our creativity to ebb and flow makes it possible to incorporate "you" into your custom guitar & bass straps!  Our very best to all of you!


Gayle Winde


The Great Roy Rogers
Bassist Ian Hawke Mayo
Gayle Winde Custom Bass Straps
The Great Steve Cropper
Lead Guitarist Roger Fossum
Gayle Winde Custom Guitar Straps
Edgel Groves Jr. / Band ~ Sun Domingo
Custom Guitar Strap - Jonathan Greig
Gayle Winde
Roger Fossum / Namm Convention / LA
Custom Guitar Strap for Jack Parker
Gayle Winde Custom Bass Straps
Meeting the Great Walter Trout
Custom Bass Straps ~ Eddie Pruitt
Gayle Winde Custom Guitar Straps
Gayle Winde Custom Leather Straps
Gayle Winde Custom Mandolin Straps
Steve Cropper w/ Peter Frampton

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Custom Guitar & Bass Straps - Solid Colors
"Gayle's guitar straps are the best in the business! They are comfortable and are strikingly beautiful. Her designs and workmanship are impeccable! Guitar players are always asking me where I got my strap. She will make all my future guitar straps! So, if you want a great strap, Gayle is the person that you want to make it! "    ~ Chuck Shaw ~ San Antonio    
" I recently took delivery of a Gayle Winde strap that sent all my other high-end straps to the emporium. I've owned a number of Moody and El Dorado straps and while they are both very nice, the Gayle Winde simply surpasses them in functionality and design, as well as appearance and feel. The design of the strap itself allows it to hug your shoulder and body better. I have a couple of herniated discs in my neck that no longer bother me due to Gayle's strap. I am now in the process of designing my next strap with her. "    Lou Vena ~ Chicago

"The strap arrived yesterday, but I have only now had a few minutes to send you a note. The strap is amazing, beautiful, creative, dreamy, elegant, fantastic, great, handsome, incredible, joyful, ... I believe you get the idea? I haven't seen all of the straps in the world, but I have seen a great many, and I am certain that this strap is one of the all-time greats. Thank you so very much for creating a masterpiece!"     Cheers,    Peter Flynn ~  Salt Lake City, UT
" ... the strap is fabulous!!! You took my very sketchy ideas and really brought them to life. I just know everyone's going to be envious of this gorgeous and comfortable accessory."     Mitzi Barker ~ Kubiak, Alaska
" I put on a heavy P-bass, I cannot believe the shape and softness of this strap. My guitar has become part of my body.  I love it as much as a pair of old boots. I don't wanna wear anything else."    Gunter Nezhoda ~ Bassist for Leslie West
"Gayle Winde makes the best straps I've ever tried. Their ergonomics fit your body perfectly,  making a huge difference!  I've had one for a year and it's amazing. I don't really need another strap, but this one is so perfect I'm getting another for fear she may stop making them someday. The best strap you'll ever use with your instrument.! "            
Jim Soloway, Owner of Soloway Guitars   ~   www.soloway

"Gayle the strap you made me is ... Outrageous ... Amazing ... It takes the weight of a multi-stringed bass and shifts the mass so much I could play for hours with no pain."   Lawrence Hightower  ~  Olympia, Wa
"I wanted to share the great experience I had in having Gayle Winde design and make my strap. I first heard about Gayle's ergonomic straps here on the Gear Page. I dropped her an email, and the next day she contacted me. I was after a padded, fixed length, distressed brown leather with super slick lining. She contacted her leather guy, and it was underway ... a stone oil-tan upper with a glazed lizard lining. She contacted me over the next few weeks and kept me up to date on the progress. It shortly landed on my doorstep in sunny Western Australia. It's here! And what a work of art it is, almost too good to wear, I'm so happy with it!  It's what I wanted all along but never found the right design or maker to do it, until now of course. Your service, product, and creativity are second to none!"
Brad Johnson  ~  Carlisle, Western Australia
Custom Artisan Guitar Straps / Personalized Designs / Handcrafted Originals
"The Ancients" - Custom leather artisan guitar straps. Handcrafted intricate images were inlaid into hand-painted leather. Customized, personalized, orders.
"Fiddle Fern" A handcrafted custom guitar strap with an intricate inlay. Red-brown oil tanned leather strap w/moss green suede fronds & tendrils. Fully padded & leather lined. An artisan original design -
Custom Artisan Leather Bass Strap - Original personalized design using multiple leathers and authentic abalone for the inlay.
Gayle Winde Custom Leather Bass Straps -
Custom Guitar Straps - Intricate inlay/overlay technique using multiple leathers to create color contrast & texture. Artisan handcrafted leather designs -
Custom solid color bass guitar strap w/leather trim & lining. Completely handcrafted & personalized to the musicians playing style. Online custom orders & online store orders available at
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