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Artisan Straps & How To Order


Artisan Straps differ from our Made to Order strap styles in that they are entirely customized from start to finish. Each strap is an individual artistic expression of color, texture, and stylized design. We work with you in establishing a creative and meaningful artistic vision for your personal Artisan Strap.  From this point, the design is enriched with further detail. Many facets of a strap are considered during this process. Everything from design functionality to overall expression. The musician's persona, the beauty of the instrument, personalized images or sentiments, etc., all intertwine, becoming the distinctive end product.  If you are not exactly sure about what to choose, we'll discuss creative options with you such as various style ideas, color combinations, possible hardware, leather, etc., all geared around what is meaningful to you. Gayle Winde Artisan Straps are definitely one-of-a-kind art pieces, each one intended to capture the personal style of the musician. It's always a pleasure to work with our customers in discovering unique ways to personalize what is important to them.


A Simple Two-Step Process 



1. Your Email Inquiry and our Approximate Estimate.


The entire ordering process is very enjoyable, it simply requires a small bit of time to share information via email. Upon receiving your initial inquiry, you'll receive a prompt reply to discuss your order. It's our pleasure to work with you to establish your special design ideas, so please don't hesitate to ask questions or to provide your thoughts or possible sketches, etc.  After a few simple emails to establish a basic design foundation, we'll provide an approximate cost estimate for you. If this estimate is acceptable, we'll move forward toward gathering your fitting information with our fitting questionnaire. We'll also discuss any additional design ideas that may arise.


2. Review & Emailed Approval of the Strap Design, a 50% Deposit, and any Final Design Adjustments. 


Now that the design is established and an estimate provided, an email is sent to you for approval of the design and an invoice for your payment in full, or 50% deposit. Please be aware that if any design changes are made at the last minute that alters the cost of your strap, it will be discussed and approved, and either added to your final invoice or if having paid in full, a separate invoice for the difference will be emailed.

** Please Note: "All payments for customized Artisan Straps are non-refundable."

PayPal is used as our secure payment gateway, with multiple options for payment. You do not have to be a member of PayPal to use their payment platform, You simply would pay as a guest with any major credit or debit card. 



Working with you in this personalized way, allows us to integrate your ideas, specific fitting needs, and your personality into your customized Artisan Strap design. Since all information is carefully established and approved, it allows time to consider any design or fitting changes. After your payment is received, work will commence. Please be aware, that "once work begins, changes cannot be made." All customized Artisan Strap orders are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. We do make an effort to contact you during the course of the construction of your strap to provide an update. You are always welcome to email and inquire as well. 


Final Thoughts 


Ordering an Artisan Strap is a personal experience. Our goal is to provide a seamless ordering process and enjoyable interaction with you. When your order is complete you'll receive a notification email. Once notified, your strap will be shipped via USPS Priority Insured. Insurance is required with all Artisan Strap orders. A tracking number and estimated delivery date will be provided. If having paid by deposit, an invoice for your remaining balance will be emailed to you and your order will ship upon final payment. 

All sales are final for customized Artisan Straps, hence the careful, clear, and concise steps to establish your design and to place your order. Please be sure to read and review all policies on our FAQ page, as well as our iron-clad product guarantee.


We appreciate that careful thought, research, and financial investment, is put into acquiring a fine instrument and we believe that the same approach should apply to the customized strap designed for it. Our dedication to quality and artistic originality is offered as a means to complement your guitar or bass with a beautifully handcrafted work of art. We encourage you to read the website testimonial page and to look through the website photo galleries, where you'll find gorgeous strap designs and repeated positive feedback from our customers. 



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